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Orientation Info For New Messengers

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Translation Note: The Anglais version of this content is being displayed because the Français translation is unavailable.

Shorah, new members! 

Welcome to the Guild of Messengers.  If you're reading this, chances are you've decided to join us.  No doubt you are wondering exactly how to get started here and where to go for specific information on our little group.  Here are some helpful links that will hopefully get you pointed in the right direction and better aquaint yourself with all the GoMe has to offer.

General Information:

Current Projects:

  • The Cavern Post: Public and Private: Discussion threads on the current Guild magazine.  Project Leads:  Lunanne  (Editor-in-Chief) and Lyrositor   (TCP 2.0 Creator)
  • Uru2U: URU news video project.  Project Lead: Ahlisendar
  • Forum thread discussing the Guild-run directory of Myst/URU-related websitesProject Lead: Leonardo
  • Cavern Criers: Tutorial discussing the Guild's team of Messengers that passes news and information via KI mails to explorers in-game.  Project Lead: Nev'yn
  • GoMe News Age/Waystation: A Guild fan Age project that will hopefully one day appear on a shard and/or the offline URU.  Project Leads:  Nev'yn  and Doobes 


  • Guild Meeting: Ongoing forum topic for planning GoMe IRC chat meetings.  Check here to see when/if a new meeting is being scheduled.
  • GoMe Forum Sig: Instructions on how to find and use your own customized GoMe signature for forums.

Remember, we're a fairly informal group. All of the above is merely stuff which might help you get oriented. You might also want to wander the forums a bit to get the "feel" of everybody's personality. If you need anything, feel free to ask anyone...even the Guild Masters if you want.  Don't be shy!

Again, welcome to the Guild of Messengers! We hope you enjoy working with us and the madness...err, "entertaining enjoyment"...of D'ni cavern news reporting.


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